Fast deployment, high throughput, ferrous mass casualty metal threats detection system

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Corrections Technology Association Annual Technology Summit
St. Louis, MO - United States of America
Jun 12 - 15, 2022
Exhibitor: CEIA USA Ltd. - Ferromagnetic Div.

Phoenix, AZ - United States of America
Jul 10 - 13, 2022
Exhibitor: CEIA USA Ltd. - Ferromagnetic Div.

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  • DETECTION TARGET: ferrous weapons of mass destruction
  • OPERATIONAL USE: fast throughput screening of people in street clothes
  • APPLICATION FIELDS: sporting events, concerts, theaters, galas, etc.
  • Simultaneous optical alarm signaling provided by the two poles defining the alarmed transit zone
  • Optional installation of up to 10 barriers of 100 MSD EVO™ each (99 gates) with automatic synchronization of the adjacent units
  • Programmable sensitivity of a series of multiple MSD EVO™ poles by a single operation on the first MSD EVO™ pole of the line, without the need for individual pole adjustments
  • No assembly required: 10 second set-up
  • Battery life: 26 hours, continuous operation
  • Ready for immediate shipping
  • Further data and practical demos available upon request

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CEIA USA introduces MSD EVO™, the latest CEIA Ferromagnetic Detector (FMD), with outstanding capabilities in security pass-through applications defined by multiple ferromagnetic poles.

MSD EVO - detail

Example of multiple gates with MSD EVO™ series

The compact MSD EVO™ unit targets ferrous assault weapons capable of mass destruction including large firearms and pipe bombs and provides fast throughput screening of individuals in street clothes attending public events such as sporting events, concerts, theaters, galas, etc.

Inside the transit area, the MSD EVO™ improves detection uniformity 100 times over conventional ferromagnetic (FMD) pole pairs, offers better discrimination against ferromagnetic personal items and greater immunity against external interference sources (i.e. moving metals or electrical interferences).

Multiple side-by-side entrances are quickly and readily deployed by a sequence of MSD EVO™ units where each unit separately combines with the two adjacent poles that provide two independent gates with the same detection and discrimination capability of the single pair.