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Corrections Technology Association Annual Technology Summit
St. Louis, MO - United States of America
Jun 12 - 15, 2022
Exhibitor: CEIA USA Ltd. - Ferromagnetic Div.

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Jul 10 - 13, 2022
Exhibitor: CEIA USA Ltd. - Ferromagnetic Div.

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The illegal use of cell phones and other ferrous contraband is a growing and dangerous problem in correctional institutions worldwide. These devices are a significant threat to prison security and circumvent the monitoring processes in prisons, while allowing inmates to commit new crimes both inside and outside the facility.

Ferromagnetic Detectors



Highly portable cell phone, ferrous weapon and contraband detector

Highly portable cell phone, ferrous weapon and contraband detector provides multi-zone alarm indication that identifies the location of contraband on the body. One-piece and lightweight design allows the MSD to be easily transported and operational in 10 seconds.



High-Performance Ferromagnetic Weapons Detector

MSDi has been specifically designed for easy integration of Ferromagnetic Weapons Detection in Covert Access Control. The MSDi's very small footprint allows Ferromagnetic Detection Technology to be concealed inside ornamental structures and combines the features of MSD and MSD EVO in a single and compact device.

Combined Ferromagnetic and active Metal Detector

SMD600 Plus-MI2

SMD®600 Plus-MI2

Multi-Sensor Walk-Through Detector

The SMD600 Plus - MI2™ is optimized for the screening of people in applications where simultaneous detection of all metal (magnetic and non-magnetic) firearms and cellphone/smartphone devices, including the most miniaturized, low metal content versions, is required along with high-throughput and a low nuisance alarm rate.